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    • When authproviders only allow social network, dropdown is still present.

    Fixed in #61.

    • When authproviders only allow institutions, other options header is still present.

    Fixed in #62.

    • eduGAIN providers are not listed.

    It was decided to ignore eduGAIN providers for now.

    • Dropdown institutions, pointer is not a hand.

    Fixed in #64.

    • Unclear what remember me means

    It had a tooltip next to it, but during the last redesign of the checkbox, the tooltip went away. Should probably be back.

    • Geolocation disabled?

    This was also decided to go away for now.

    • No text under Do you need help?

    Pending in #52.

    • Missing tooltip under Veg først din tilhørighet: Fill in tooltip information here

    Pending in #65.

    Not sure about the rest, Andreas (everything outside the issues section). Did you test all of that already?

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