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MAPI, or Monitoring API, is a multi-user programming interface designed to simplify the development of network monitoring software and allows users to express their monitoring needs in a device-independent way. The main abstraction provided by MAPI is the network flow. Although flows have been used before in network monitoring systems, MAPI gives flows a first-class status. Applications that uses MAPI can specify what flows or flow statistics they are interested in by applying functions to flows. A MAPI function can be a BPF filter, string search, packet counter or more advanced like a NetFlow? generator. These function will automatically run in hardware if there is support for it on the hardware being used.

MAPI currently supports the following hardware:

    * Normal NICs through libpcap
    * DAG cards

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Join the [MAPI mailinglist]( to be kept up to date about new releases and for support. Bugs should also be reported to this mailing list.
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## Releases

MAPI 2.0, released 19 September 2006, this version is old and it is recommended to use the development version

## Development version

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Recommended development snapshot, 05 May 2010. This includes the latest version of the qflow probe.