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    packetloss + EXPIRED_FLOWS: · 471e1bd0
    added timestamps to flow records (only close flow records are paired)
    reverted/removed fix introduced in revision 1235, because timestamps should
    solve the problem too. Expired flows cannot be "fragmented" in different read_results
    -- these "fragments" are not fragments, but different flows (with same IPs, ports...
    but different timestamps since now).
    So these flows are not joined, but keep separately and distinguished by timestamps.
    historically timestamp was transformed to epoch counter,
    since now timestamps are timestamps, epochs are epochs :)
    eflow_data is flow record with epoch (internal)
     flow_data is flow record without epoch (to send out)
    packetloss GUI:
    everything *Top renamed to *Status
    added "restart" button (requires some back-end shell script)
    some logging/debugging ability
    some reorganization...
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