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    packetloss: · 84f4fca2
     for new gui added cofiguration file and config reader (beta but working)
     everything should be backward-compatible with original commandline arguments
     if NEWGUIONLY is not defined
     configuration in file: hosts can be disabled, max. number of flows
     can be limited, timestamp difference among host can be tuned 
     reconnection can be turned on on-demand (SIGUSR1, NEWGUIONLY) becouse
     if trying every loop it seems to be more time consuming than acceptable
     reconnection was not tested with --enable-reconnect mapi mechanism as
     it was originally based just on retrieving NULL from mapi_read_result,
     however it should work as I modified it with respect to previous commit
     from AK
     stats can be cleared (SIGUSR2)
     unified reporting of application state
     commandline options (NEWGUIONLY)
     enabled use of rrd server
     improved error reporting
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