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Minor documentation additions.

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......@@ -972,18 +972,14 @@ As an administrator who wants to deploy DiMAPI and its AAI, you should follow th
following steps:
\item Perform {\tt ./configure --enable-dimapi --enable-anonflib --enable-extraflib}
\item Perform {\tt ./configure --enable-dimapi --enable-anonflib --enable-extraflib --enable-authentication}
The AAI is available only in DiMAPI, by definition.
anonflib and extraflib are needed for the anonymization
and TCP stream reconstruction functions, respectively.
\item Edit the file {\tt config.h}, found in the root directory
of the tarball/distribution, and add the following line
\item Perform {\tt make \&\& make install}, as usual.
\item Perform {\tt make \&\& make install}, as usual. Note that there have been compilation errors reported
with gcc versions < 4.1.2, it is suggested you update your gcc to at least version 4.
\item {\tt cd src/vod \&\& make}
......@@ -1024,7 +1020,7 @@ ANONYMIZE=IP:SRC_IP:ZERO
\item Use the ./adduser script to add users in the CA database.
\item {\tt start ./cad <portnumber>}
\item {\tt cd .. \&\& ./vod}
\item Use {\tt mapi\_authenticate()} in your tests/programs.
\item Use {\tt mapi\_authenticate()} in your tests/programs. Note that the scope definition for mapi\_create\_flow() should follow the DiMAPI standard "IP:interface".
\subsection{Using DiMAPI}
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