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update documentation for res2file

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......@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ the TCP Sequence number. The \fBPI_TCPACK\fP will give the TCP Acknowledge numbe
Type of results: \fBunsigned long long\fP.
.IP "\fBRES2FILE\fP (char* \fIfunctions_list\fP, char* \fIformat\fP, char* \fIheader\fP, char* \fIfilename\fP, char* \fIinterval\fP)"
.IP "\fBRES2FILE\fP (char* \fIfunctions_list\fP, char* \fIformat\fP, char* \fIheader\fP, char* \fIfilename\fP, char* \fIinterval\fP, int \fIreset\fP)"
Stores results from other MAPI functions to a file.
The list of the functions to read results and write to file is denoted in the \fIfunctions_list\fP
in the format "<fid>@<fd>, <fid2>@<fd2>".
......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ The results are stored in the \fIfilename\fP file.
If the path is not absolute, the file is created and saved in the current directory.
In case of DiMAPI, the file is saved in the directory where mapicommd runs, in the remote monitoring machine.
Finally, \fIinterval\fP should be -1 for writing always, 0 for write once when flow closes, or
a time string as "1s", "1.2ms" etc.
a time string as "1s", "1.2ms" etc, and \fIreset\fP is enabled when 1 and disabled when 0.
Type of results: \fBnone\fP.
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