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Moved cooking, regexp, and top to a separate library 'extraflib'. Stdflib...

Moved cooking, regexp, and top to a separate library 'extraflib'. Stdflib should now have no dependencies to exotic libraries like libpcre and libnids, so a plain './configure' should work in most systems. Please let me know ( if you encounter any problems

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.\" MAPI man page
.\" for a quick overview:
.\" nroff -man -Tascii mapi_stdlib.3 |less
.TH MAPI_EXTRAFLIB 3 "December, 2004"
MAPI extraflib \- Extra MAPI Function Library
\fBCOOKING\fP TCP/IP packet defragmentation and stream reassembly
\fBREGEXP\fP Regular expression pattern matching
\fBTOP\fP Returns top X values of a field
The Extra MAPI function library (extraflib) provides
a set functions that cover
advanced monitoring needs.
.IP "\fBCOOKING\fP (int \fIthreshold\fP, int \fItimeout\fP, int \fIret_once\fP, int \fIcollect\fP)"
Processes the packets of a flow according to the TCP/IP protocol
stack, by performing IP defragmentation and TCP stream reassembly.
The received packets are stripped from their TCP/IP headers and assembled into a
single cooked packet. The cooked packet has a pseudo TCP/IP header
containing the size of the cooked packet and the source and destination
IP addresses and port numbers.
A cooked packet is considered to be ready for processing under one
of the following conditions:
- its size exceeds the specified threshold
- a timeout since the arrival of the first fragment is reached
- the session is closed (all fragments have arrived)
The \fIthreshold\fP is by default 32KB
and the \fItimeout\fP is set to 30 sec.
Using -1 for both parameters sets the default values.
If \fIret_once\fP is zero, only the first chunk from a tcp stream is returned.
Otherwise, all the chunks of the stream are returned.
The \fIcollect\fP argument defines the direction of the packets that
will be returned:
gives only client's data,
the server's data only, while
is used to get all packets of the flow.
Type of results: \fBnone\fP.
.IP "\fBREGEXP\fP (char* \fIreg_expr\fP)"
Regular expression pattern matching, using the \fIreg_expr\fP regular expression.
Type of results: \fBunsigned long long\fP.
.IP "\fBTOP\fP (int \fIX\fP, int \fIprotocol\fP, int \fIfield\fP)"
Return TOP \fIX\fP values of the \fIfiled\fP field of the \fIprotocol\fP protocol.
Type of results: \fBunsigned int[]\fP.
Please send bug reports to
.BR mapi (3),
.BR mapi_trackflib (3),
.BR mapi_anonflib (3),
.BR tcpdump (1),
.BR pcap (3)
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