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Added support for Napatech NT-series cards

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typedef struct napatech_adapterinfo {
char *name; /* /dev/dag0 */
// int dagfd, dagstream;
uint16_t device_code; /* PCI device ID */
// dag_card_ref_t card;
// dag_component_t root;
int portcnt; /* number of ports on the card */
// int is_dsm_filtering; /* DSM filtering available */
// int dsm_filter_count; /* Number of DSM hardware filters */
// DsmConfigH dsm_config; /* handle to DAG DSM configuration */
/* allocated array of counters for ports and kinds (bytes, packets) */
// dag_counter_t *port_counters;
/* array for hardware DSM filter counters */
// dag_counter_t dsm_counters[DSM_FILTER_COUNT];
} napatech_adapterinfo_t;
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