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first files for TOP function

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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include "mapidflib.h"
#include "mapidlib.h"
#include "mapidevices.h"
#include "mapid.h"
#include "fhelp.h"
#include "topx.h"
static int topx_process(mapidflib_function_instance_t *instance,
MAPI_UNUSED const unsigned char* dev_pkt,
MAPI_UNUSED const unsigned char* link_pkt,
MAPI_UNUSED mapid_pkthdr_t* pkt_head)
return 1;
static int topx_reset(mapidflib_function_instance_t *instance)
return 0;
static int topx_init(mapidflib_function_instance_t *instance,
MAPI_UNUSED flist_t *flist)
mapiFunctArg* fargs;
int x,field;
x = getargint(&fargs);
field = getargint(&fargs);
instance->internal_data = malloc(sizeof(struct topx_data));
((struct topx_data *)(instance->internal_data))->x=x;
((struct topx_data *)(instance->internal_data))->field=field;
return 0;
static mapidflib_function_def_t finfo={
"", //libname
"TOP", //name
"Returns the TOP x values of a field (e.g DST_PORT)\n\tReturn value: x values of variable type according to field applied", //descr
"ii", //argdescr
MAPIRES_SHM, //Use shared memory to return results
sizeof(unsigned long long), //shm size
0, //modifies_pkts
NULL, //instance
topx_init, //init
NULL, //get_result,
NULL, //change_args
NULL, //cleanup
NULL, //client_init
NULL, //client_read_result
NULL //client_cleanup
mapidflib_function_def_t* pktc_get_funct_info();
mapidflib_function_def_t* pktc_get_funct_info() {
return &finfo;
struct topx_data {
int x;
int field;
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