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Added some preliminary documentation for vod/CAd functionality

for users that want to set it up.

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......@@ -969,6 +969,58 @@ For this example, the DiMAPI support is needed, so MAPI should be configured wit
\textit{--enable-dimapi} configuration option.
As an administrator who wants to deploy DiMAPI and its AAI, you should follow the
following steps:
1) Perform
./configure --enable-dimapi --enable-anonflib --enable-extraflib
The AAI is available only in DiMAPI, by definition.
anonflib and extraflib are needed for the anonymization
and TCP stream reconstruction functions, respectively.
2) Edit the file config.h, found in the root directory
of the tarball/distribution, and add the following line
3) Perform make && make install, as usual.
4) cd src/vod && make
5) Edit the file vod.conf, and you'll see the following sections:
Edit them so they reflect your desired configuration.
6) Create the file 'example1.conf' in the directory you specified.
It should contain sections and entries as seen below:
7) Create the file 'example2.conf' in the directory you specified above.
In a similar fashion, its entries are formed as shown below:
# REST OF ANONYMIZE FUNCTIONS. These will be applied to flows that
# 'belong' to someone that authenticates under VO "VO_NAME".
8) cd CAd && make all
9) Use the ./adduser script to add users in the CA database.
10) start ./cad <portnumber>
11) cd .. && ./vod
12) Use mapi_authenticate() in your tests/programs. :-)
\subsection{Using DiMAPI}
This is a simple application that demonstrates the use of DiMAPI for distributed network monitoring.
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