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Relized that file transport is implemented after all. Mentioned SCTP.

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......@@ -3,19 +3,23 @@ version from 2003.
Flow export is invoked like this:
funct_id = mapi_apply_function(fd,"FLOW_REPORT", "NETFLOW_V9", "SHMEM",
funct_id = mapi_apply_function(fd,"FLOW_REPORT", "IPFIX", "SHMEM",
"", tbuf);
parameter 1: flow ID.
parameter 2: MAPI function: "FLOW_REPORT"
parameter 3: record type: "NETFLOW_V5" or "NETFLOW_V9"
parameter 3: record type: "NETFLOW_V5", "NETFLOW_V9" or "IPFIX"
parameter 4: transport: string, see below
parameter 5: key template: string, not yet in use.
parameter 6: record template string, NetFlow V9 only.
parameter 6: record template string, NetFlow V9/IPFIX only.
Transport can be
"SHMEM" - shared memory
UDP host:port, e.g. ""
A file - "file:<filename>", e.g. "file:/tmp/myflows"
SCTP transport can be realized by means of a client program which
receives IPFIX records over shared memory and exports them over SCTP.
The record template for IPFIX/NetFlowV9 is selected by a format string,
......@@ -74,3 +78,4 @@ ID LENGTH MAPI-NAME NAME (ipfix)
207 1 HDRLEN_IPV4 headerLengthIPv4
208 8 IPV4_OPT ipv4Options
210 1 PADDING paddingOneOctet
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