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      Fixing bug #? (dimapi stability/lots of new mapicommd threads). This fix is... · a7c28b6d
      Fixing bug #? (dimapi stability/lots of new mapicommd threads). This fix is important for EXPIRED_FLOWS function running under high load. The inappropriate "continue" caused endless loop in process_pkt(), mapid SHM remained locked forever, mapicommd ended in pthread_spin_lock() busy routine which caused 100% CPU load and the device managed by affected mapid was completely unaccessible.
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      packetloss + EXPIRED_FLOWS: · 471e1bd0
      added timestamps to flow records (only close flow records are paired)
      reverted/removed fix introduced in revision 1235, because timestamps should
      solve the problem too. Expired flows cannot be "fragmented" in different read_results
      -- these "fragments" are not fragments, but different flows (with same IPs, ports...
      but different timestamps since now).
      So these flows are not joined, but keep separately and distinguished by timestamps.
      historically timestamp was transformed to epoch counter,
      since now timestamps are timestamps, epochs are epochs :)
      eflow_data is flow record with epoch (internal)
       flow_data is flow record without epoch (to send out)
      packetloss GUI:
      everything *Top renamed to *Status
      added "restart" button (requires some back-end shell script)
      some logging/debugging ability
      some reorganization...
      git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/mapi/trunk@1367 8d5bb341-7cf1-0310-8cf6-ba355fef3186
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      Logging Mechanism Updated. Now MAPI supports logging to files and syslog. · b27d4c0f
      In order to log messages to syslog, mapid and/or mapicommd should be executed
      with the flag -s (mapid -s and/or mapicommd -s). 
      Two different types of messages are sent to syslog, debug messages and
      general information messages. In /usr/local/etc/mapi/mapi.conf the syslog
      level can be configured.
      syslog_level=0 : Log only general information and not debugging messages
      syslog_level=1 : Log general information plus debugging information (debug messages are printed to stdout and syslog)
      syslog_level=2 : Log general information plus debugging information (debug messages are printed only to syslog)
      The default level is 2 (temporary the default level is 1).
      In order to log debug messages and general information messages to separate log files,
      syslog daemon must be configured as follows:
      File /etc/syslog.conf should have the following two entries:
      local1.info;local1.!=debug				/var/tmp/info.syslog
      local1.debug;local1.!=info				/var/tmp/debug.syslog
      /var/tmp/info.syslog & /var/tmp/debug.syslog are indicative names of files, where debug and information messages are appended.
      The /var/tmp/info.syslog & /var/tmp/debug.syslog files must exist before the syslogd daemon re-reads the /etc/syslog.conf
      configuration file, in order for the syslogd daemon to log messages to these files. To create these files, issue the following commands:
      touch /var/tmp/info.syslog
      touch /var/tmp/debug.syslog
      Then issue the following command to force the syslogd daemon to re-read its configuration file: kill -HUP <syslogd's process id>
      Define DEBUG is default enabled. In the future mapi configuration will have an extra flag (--enable-debug), thus a MAPI
      user might select if MAPI prints debug messages or no.
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      Added a generalized bpfcompiler library designed for building static · 71e07938
      (non-algoritmic) filters.
      Added the hardware DSM filtering/preclassification support for DAG cards.
      BPF_FILTER function is now able to probram the hardware capturer to only
      send interesting packets and thus lower the main CPU heating.
      dagflib's PKT_COUNTER and BYTE_COUNTER are fixed for more DAG models.
      Argument `internal' of mapid_apply_function() changed to bitwise `flags',
      so mapidagdrv can instruct the dagflib's BPF_FILTER instance to give up
      when it is needed.
      For more info see updated mapi_dagflib(1) and bpf2dagdsm(1) manpages.
      Fixed some apparent bugs and/or warnings in the code.
      git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/mapi/trunk@1212 8d5bb341-7cf1-0310-8cf6-ba355fef3186
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