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    Logging Mechanism Updated. Now MAPI supports logging to files and syslog. · b27d4c0f
    In order to log messages to syslog, mapid and/or mapicommd should be executed
    with the flag -s (mapid -s and/or mapicommd -s). 
    Two different types of messages are sent to syslog, debug messages and
    general information messages. In /usr/local/etc/mapi/mapi.conf the syslog
    level can be configured.
    syslog_level=0 : Log only general information and not debugging messages
    syslog_level=1 : Log general information plus debugging information (debug messages are printed to stdout and syslog)
    syslog_level=2 : Log general information plus debugging information (debug messages are printed only to syslog)
    The default level is 2 (temporary the default level is 1).
    In order to log debug messages and general information messages to separate log files,
    syslog daemon must be configured as follows:
    File /etc/syslog.conf should have the following two entries:
    local1.info;local1.!=debug				/var/tmp/info.syslog
    local1.debug;local1.!=info				/var/tmp/debug.syslog
    /var/tmp/info.syslog & /var/tmp/debug.syslog are indicative names of files, where debug and information messages are appended.
    The /var/tmp/info.syslog & /var/tmp/debug.syslog files must exist before the syslogd daemon re-reads the /etc/syslog.conf
    configuration file, in order for the syslogd daemon to log messages to these files. To create these files, issue the following commands:
    touch /var/tmp/info.syslog
    touch /var/tmp/debug.syslog
    Then issue the following command to force the syslogd daemon to re-read its configuration file: kill -HUP <syslogd's process id>
    Define DEBUG is default enabled. In the future mapi configuration will have an extra flag (--enable-debug), thus a MAPI
    user might select if MAPI prints debug messages or no.
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