Commit 3f5b084a authored by Andreas Åkre Solberg's avatar Andreas Åkre Solberg
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Fix RDP button

parent 4b71c54e
......@@ -84,12 +84,12 @@
<td rowspan="2">
<a href="/rdp?address={{ publicIp }}" name="button" class="btn btn-xs btn-default">
<i style="color: #484" class="glyphicon glyphicon-modal-window"></i> RDP
<a href="/rdp?address={{ publicIp }}" name="button" class="btn btn-xs btn-default btn-success">
<i style="color: #fff" class="glyphicon glyphicon-modal-window"></i> RDP
{{#may.stop}}<button type="button" name="button" data-vmid="{{ name }}" class="vmstop btn btn-xs btn-default"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-pause"></i> Stopp</button>{{/may.stop}}
{{#may.start}}<button type="button" name="button" data-vmid="{{ name }}" class="vmstart btn btn-xs btn-primary"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-play"></i> Start</button>{{/may.start}}
{{#may.delete}}<button type="button" name="button" data-vmid="{{ name }}" class="vmdelete btn btn-xs btn-danger" ><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></i> Delete</button>{{/may.delete}}
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