Commit 6e6d4fee authored by Andreas Åkre Solberg's avatar Andreas Åkre Solberg

add scopes and respone_types to user input

parent d931e21c
......@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ class Component extends PureComponent {
this.state = {
clientId: "6233aedf-f08a-4112-9a1b-f33c3cd9b396",
clientSecret: "",
redirectURL: currentURL
redirectURL: currentURL,
scopes: "",
response_type: "token"
......@@ -107,6 +109,19 @@ class Component extends PureComponent {
<FormControl type="text" bsSize="large" value={this.state.clientSecret} onChange={this.updateFieldHandler.bind(this)("clientSecret")} />
<FormControl type="text" bsSize="large" value={this.state.scopes} onChange={this.updateFieldHandler.bind(this)("scopes")} />
<FormGroup controlId="response_type">
<ControlLabel>Response Type</ControlLabel>
<FormControl componentClass="select" placeholder="select" value={this.state.response_type} onChange={this.updateFieldHandler.bind(this)("response_type")}>
<option value="token">OAuth Implicit Grant (token)</option>
<option value="id_token token">OpenID Connect Implicit Flow (id_token token)</option>
<h4>Redirect URI</h4>
<p>When you configure your client, please register the following redirect uri:</p>
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