Commit b1ac0e76 authored by Andreas Åkre Solberg's avatar Andreas Åkre Solberg
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Fix for grunt bump

parent e302b171
......@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@ module.exports = function(grunt) {
files: ['package.json', 'bower.json'],
updateConfigs: ['pkg', 'bower'],
commit: false,
commit: true,
commitMessage: 'Release v%VERSION%',
commitFiles: ['package.json', 'bower.json'],
createTag: false,
createTag: true,
tagName: 'v%VERSION%',
tagMessage: 'Version %VERSION%',
prereleaseName: 'rc',
push: false,
push: true,
pushTo: 'origin',
gitDescribeOptions: '--tags --always --abbrev=1 --dirty=-d',
globalReplace: false,
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