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# compute packet stream quality statistics for UDP/RTP from network or captured files(pcap)
# Base Olav Kvittem
# Mpeg support Odd Rune Mykkeltveit Lykkbo, 2009-2010
......@@ -44,11 +46,12 @@ my ($rtmp,$period,$last,$debug,$swfurl,$pageurl,$flash_version,$reconnect);
require "";
@opts=('list', 'man','fullformat', 'net', 'rtp', 'mpeg', 'pcap', 'crude', 'bins=s', 'log', 'nperiod=s', 'period=s', 'last=s', 'packets=s', 'src=s', 'flow_key=s', 'flow_no=s', 'flow_min=s', 'nohead', 'dump=s', 'format=s', 'id=s', 'sum=s', 'ttl', 'rtt=s', 'codec=s', 'log', 'verbose', 'v', 'h', 'debug', 'av','xml=s', 'rtmp','tcp', 'port=s','swfurl=s','pageurl=s','flashversion=s','new','q','exclude=s','report=s', 'filename','test','ipv6','p=s','name=s','tcp_t','wait=s');
@opts=('list', 'man','fullformat', 'net', 'rtp', 'mpeg', 'pcap', 'crude', 'bins=s', 'log', 'nperiod=s', 'period=s', 'last=s', 'packets=s', 'src=s', 'flow_key=s', 'flow_no=s', 'flow_min=s', 'nohead', 'dump=s', 'format=s', 'id=s', 'sum=s', 'ttl', 'rtt=s', 'codec=s', 'log', 'verbose', 'v', 'h', 'debug', 'av','xml=s', 'rtmp','tcp', 'port=s','swfurl=s','pageurl=s','flashversion=s','new','q','exclude=s','report=s', 'filename','test','ipv6','p=s','name=s','tcp_t','wait=s', 'version');
&NGetOpt(@opts) || die pod2usage(1);
die pod2usage(1) if $opt_h;
die 'Version is $Rev$' if $opt_version;
$continous= ! $opt_packets;
$opt_v=$opt_v or $opt_verbose;
my $codec = $opt_codec || 'G.711';
......@@ -3968,7 +3971,7 @@ usage="$0 [option]... [file...|ip/|:port]...
=item Version is $Revison$ at $Date$
=item Version is $Version
=item B<-list> list flows in files
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