Commit 5062c679 authored by Morten Knutsen's avatar Morten Knutsen
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Use padded encodings to ensure max compatability.

parent 9e594463
......@@ -39,9 +39,9 @@ func getJWKS() *JWKS {
e = make([]byte, 4)
binary.BigEndian.PutUint32(e, uint32(rsaKey.E))
key := Key{KType: "RSA",
Key: base64.RawURLEncoding.EncodeToString(keyBytes),
N: base64.RawURLEncoding.EncodeToString(rsaKey.N.Bytes()),
E: base64.RawURLEncoding.EncodeToString(e)}
Key: base64.URLEncoding.EncodeToString(keyBytes),
N: base64.URLEncoding.EncodeToString(rsaKey.N.Bytes()),
E: base64.URLEncoding.EncodeToString(e)}
return &JWKS{Keys: []Key{key}}
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