Commit 46a446cc authored by Olav Morken's avatar Olav Morken
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Fix shellcheck warnings

There are a couple of relevant warnings from shellcheck:

> In line 62:
> apt-get source ${package}
> SC2248: Prefer double quoting even when variables don't contain special characters.
> [...]
> In line 66:
> tar xf "${package}"_*.debian.tar.xz -C "${package}"-"${version}/"
> SC2140: Word is of the form "A"B"C" (B indicated). Did you mean "ABC" or "A\"B\"C"?
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......@@ -59,19 +59,19 @@ radsecproxy_srcurl="${radsecproxy_url}/releases/download/${version}/radsecproxy-
curl --fail --silent -o "${package}"_"${version}".orig.tar.gz -L "${radsecproxy_srcurl}"
# Download the Debian source package for project.
apt-get source ${package}
apt-get source "${package}"
# Extract the project source code, including the Debian source package.
tar xzf "${package}"_"${version}".orig.tar.gz
tar xf "${package}"_*.debian.tar.xz -C "${package}"-"${version}/"
tar xzf "${package}_${version}".orig.tar.gz
tar xf "${package}"_*.debian.tar.xz -C "${package}-${version}/"
# Remove any Debian patches for the project.
rm -r "${package}"-"${version}/debian/patches"
rm -r "${package}-${version}/debian/patches"
# The man pages were moved to section 8 after Debian Buster was released.
# TODO: This can be removed once we no longer build the package for Debian Buster.
if [ "${lsb_release_name}" = 'buster' ]; then
sed -i 's/\.1$/.8/' "${package}"-"${version}/debian/manpages"
sed -i 's/\.1$/.8/' "${package}-${version}/debian/manpages"
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