Commit ef6952fe authored by Olav Morken's avatar Olav Morken
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Clarify man page fix

The radsecproxy project moved it man pakges from section 1 to
section 8 after Debian buster shipped.

This caused updated versions to fail to build since Debian Buster
expected the man pages in the old location.

Document this and note that the workaround is only necessary for
Debian Buster.
parent 56d145f0
......@@ -55,7 +55,12 @@ apt-get source ${package}
tar xf "${package}"_*.debian.tar.xz -C "${package}"-"${version}/"
rm -r "${package}"-"${version}/debian/patches"
sed -i 's/\.1$/.8/' "${package}"-"${version}/debian/manpages"
# The man pages were moved to section 8 after Debian Buster was released.
# TODO: This can be removed once we no longer build the package for Debian Buster.
if [ "${lsb_release_name}" = 'buster' ]; then
sed -i 's/\.1$/.8/' "${package}"-"${version}/debian/manpages"
# Build our changelog file. We want to prepend our changelog entry to the
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