1. 26 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  2. 19 Aug, 2021 14 commits
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      Merge branch 'update-ci' into 'master' · 206ec796
      Kolbjørn Barmen authored
      Only deploy the package files from the master branch
      See merge request !1
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      Fix shellcheck warnings · 46a446cc
      Olav Morken authored
      There are a couple of relevant warnings from shellcheck:
      > In build.sh line 62:
      > apt-get source ${package}
      > SC2248: Prefer double quoting even when variables don't contain special characters.
      > [...]
      > In build.sh line 66:
      > tar xf "${package}"_*.debian.tar.xz -C "${package}"-"${version}/"
      > SC2140: Word is of the form "A"B"C" (B indicated). Did you mean "ABC" or "A\"B\"C"?
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      Abort the script if we fail to download the source code · 7f8bac2a
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of continuing with the next steps, abort the script on a
      failed or partial download of the source code.
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      Document the build script · 90c9e3f8
      Olav Morken authored
      Document the build script to make it easier to understand what is going on in the various sections.
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      Clarify man page fix · ef6952fe
      Olav Morken authored
      The radsecproxy project moved it man pakges from section 1 to
      section 8 after Debian buster shipped.
      This caused updated versions to fail to build since Debian Buster
      expected the man pages in the old location.
      Document this and note that the workaround is only necessary for
      Debian Buster.
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      Only use ${package} for Debian package name · 56d145f0
      Olav Morken authored
      Here the Debian package name happens to overlap with the upstream
      project name, but mixing them makes the meaning of `${package}` a bit
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    • Olav Morken's avatar
      Simplify configuration of Apt source repositories · 609e5553
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of trying to add the "deb-src" entries to sources.list for the
      current distro, we can look at the existing file to determine the
      lines that we should add.
      This is simpler and more reliable when Debian restructures their
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      Restructure changelog generation · f36558ee
      Olav Morken authored
      Move the code for generating the changelog file to a single location
      and build it in two steps.
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      Do not install recommended packages · b63d38b2
      Olav Morken authored
      In general it is better to specify our exact dependencies instead of
      relying on recommended packages to install them.
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      Fix debconf warnings · 46754239
      Olav Morken authored
      When we install our build dependencies, we get some warnings from
      > debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog
      > debconf: (No usable dialog-like program is installed, so the dialog based frontend cannot be used. at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm line 78.)
      > debconf: falling back to frontend: Readline
      Fix those by specifying that we are running non-interactively.
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      GitLab CI: Use `matrix` to build for multiple distros · 0e1941fd
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of repeating the job for multiple distros, we can use the new
      `matrix` functionality to instantiate the job multiple times.
      Here we use this to build the package for all supported distributions.
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      upload.sh: Automatically detect distros · fcf15d7e
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of listing each distribution, check what distributions we have
      packages for in the output directory and upload those.
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      Create a separate script to upload the Debian packages · 5d132892
      Olav Morken authored
      We are going to restructure the deployment to automatically detect the
      distros. This is easier to do from a shell script, so move the
      commands to their own shell script.
  3. 17 Aug, 2021 6 commits
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      Build packages in a temporary directory · cc4974dc
      Olav Morken authored
      When we build the packages locally, we end up filling our project
      directory with all the temporary files that are generated as part of
      the build.
      Avoid this by switching to a temporary working directory before
      building the packages.
    • Olav Morken's avatar
      Copy generated package files in build.sh · f411a1ae
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of repeating the commands to copy the Debian package files in
      each build job, we can add the copy to `build.sh`.
      This also makes it easier to run the build locally, and will make it
      simpler to build the packages from a temporary working directory.
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      GitLab CI: Avoid Docker-in-Docker · ce032e48
      Olav Morken authored
      GitLab CI already runs all jobs in Docker. Running new Docker commands
      requires us to use Docker-in-Docker.
      In this case, this is unnecessary and unnecessarily complicated. We
      can simply let GitLab CI run the required containers for us.
      Instead of starting a new Docker container to build the package
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      GitLab CI: Create a single output directory · f8f1fde2
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of having one output directory for each target distro, have a
      common output directory with a subdirectory for each distro.
      This will make it possible to restructure the project to make it
      easier to add additional distributions.
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      Install build dependencies from build.sh · 3b309630
      Olav Morken authored
      Instead of repeating the build dependencies in both Dockerfile-files,
      let us install them from `build.sh`.
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      Only deploy the package files from the master branch · 6c4e1dde
      Olav Morken authored
      To make it easier to test and review changes, run the build commands
      for all branches, but avoid deploying the generated package files to
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