Commit 47ccc9ff authored by Linus Nordberg's avatar Linus Nordberg
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Look at servers->dynamiclookuparg for deciding if a server is dynamic.

The dynamiclookupcommand member of the _config_ of the server is being
set to NULL when it's copied in confserver_cb(), resulting in dynamic
discovery being done for realms that already have a server.

Patch from Fabian Mauchle.

Addresses RADSECPROXY-69.
parent 9d53e6e8
Unreleased 1.6.9
Bug fixes:
- Avoid creating another dynamic server when we already have one
working (RADSECPROXY-69). Patch by Fabian Mauchle.
2016-09-21 1.6.8
Bug fixes:
- Stop waiting on writable when reading a TCP socket.
......@@ -777,10 +777,14 @@ int hasdynamicserver(struct list *srvconfs) {
for (entry = list_first(srvconfs); entry; entry = list_next(entry))
/* NOTE: This should probably be servers->dynamiclookuparg,
* like in !ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_DYNDISC, but we're not
* touching this code any more. It shouldn't be used and it's
* going away. */
if (((struct clsrvconf *)entry->data)->dynamiclookupcommand
|| ((struct clsrvconf *)entry->data)->servers->in_use)
if (((struct clsrvconf *)entry->data)->dynamiclookupcommand)
if (((struct clsrvconf *)entry->data)->servers->dynamiclookuparg)
return 1;
return 0;
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