Commit 7a47ecf9 authored by Fabian Mauchle's avatar Fabian Mauchle Committed by Linus Nordberg
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add msg-id to debug log output

parent 4fa79aa7
2017-10-?? 1.6.9
Bug fixes:
- Completely reload CAs and CRLs with cacheExpiry (RADSECPROXY-50).
- Tie Access-Request log lines to response log lines (RADSECPROXY-60).
2016-09-21 1.6.8
Bug fixes:
......@@ -1521,7 +1521,7 @@ int radsrv(struct request *rq) {
userascii = radattr2ascii(attr);
if (!userascii)
goto rmclrqexit;
debug(DBG_DBG, "%s with username: %s", radmsgtype2string(msg->code), userascii);
debug(DBG_DBG, "radsrv: got %s (id %d) with username: %s from client %s (%s)", radmsgtype2string(msg->code), msg->id, userascii, from->conf->name, addr2string(from->addr));
/* will return with lock on the realm */
to = findserver(&realm, attr, msg->code == RAD_Accounting_Request);
......@@ -1770,8 +1770,7 @@ void replyh(struct server *server, unsigned char *buf) {
if (ttlres == -1 && (options.addttl || from->conf->addttl))
addttlattr(msg, options.ttlattrtype, from->conf->addttl ? from->conf->addttl : options.addttl);
debug(msg->code == RAD_Access_Accept || msg->code == RAD_Access_Reject || msg->code == RAD_Accounting_Response ? DBG_WARN : DBG_INFO,
"replyh: passing %s to client %s (%s)", radmsgtype2string(msg->code), from->conf->name, addr2string(from->addr));
debug(DBG_DBG, "replyh: passing %s (id %d) to client %s (%s)", radmsgtype2string(msg->code), msg->id, from->conf->name, addr2string(from->addr));
rqout->rq->msg = msg;
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