Commit 88de41d1 authored by Linus Nordberg's avatar Linus Nordberg
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Make warning about failing IPV6_V6ONLY info level.

We might have a bug where bindtoaddr() tries to set V6ONLY on IPv4
sockets. Until that's been resolved, don't alarm users on debug level
parent d6f4fab8
......@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ int bindtoaddr(struct addrinfo *addrinfo, int family, int reuse, int v6only) {
#ifdef IPV6_V6ONLY
if (v6only)
if (setsockopt(s, IPPROTO_IPV6, IPV6_V6ONLY, &on, sizeof(on)) == -1)
debugerrno(errno, DBG_WARN, "Failed to set IPV6_V6ONLY");
debugerrno(errno, DBG_INFO, "Failed to set IPV6_V6ONLY");
if (!bind(s, res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen))
return s;
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