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Add a note about the change of default place to look for radsecproxy.conf.

parent f4457a2f
2011-04-11 1.6-dev
2011-04-16 1.6-dev
Incompatible changes:
- The default shared secret for TLS and DTLS connections change
from "mysecret" to "radsec" as per draft-ietf-radext-radsec-12
section 2.3 (4). Please make sure to specify a secret in both
client and server blocks to avoid unwanted surprises.
- The default place to look for a configuration file has changed
from /etc to /usr/local/etc. Let radsecproxy know where your
configuration file by using the `-c' command line option. Or
configure radsecproxy with --sysconfdir=/etc to restore old
behaviour. (RADSECPROXY-31)
New features:
- Improved F-Ticks logging options. F-Ticks can now be sent to a
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