Commit c146bb93 authored by venaas's avatar venaas Committed by venaas
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added debugging to regexp code

git-svn-id: e88ac4ed-0b26-0410-9574-a7f39faa03bf
parent 30f769ab
......@@ -1019,8 +1019,10 @@ struct server *id2server(char *id, uint8_t len) {
int i;
for (i = 0; i < realm_count; i++)
if (!regexec(&realms[i].regex, id, 0, NULL, 0))
if (!regexec(&realms[i].regex, id, 0, NULL, 0)) {
debug(DBG_DBG, "found matching realm: %s, host %s", realms[i].name, realms[i].server->;
return realms[i].server;
return NULL;
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