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Document the DynamicLookupCommand option.

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......@@ -644,6 +644,7 @@ blocktype name {
<literal>AddTTL</literal>, <literal>rewrite</literal>,
<literal>rewriteIn</literal>, <literal>rewriteOut</literal>,
<literal>statusServer</literal>, <literal>retryCount</literal>,
<literal>dynamicLookupCommand</literal> and
<literal>retryInterval</literal> and
......@@ -678,6 +679,21 @@ blocktype name {
should wait between each retry. The defaults are 2 retries and
an interval of 5s.
The option <literal>dynamicLookupCommand</literal> can be used
to specify a command that should be executed to dynamically
configure a server. The executable file should be given with
full path and will be invoked with the name of the realm as its
first and only argument. It should either print a valid
<literal>server</literal> option on stdout and exit with a code
of 0 or print nothing and exit with a non-zero exit code. An
example of a shell script resolving the DNS NAPTR records for
the realm and then the SRV records for each NAPTR matching
'x-eduroam:radius.tls' is provided in
<literal>tools/</literal>. This option was
added in radsecproxy-1.3 but tends to crash radsecproxy versions
earlier than 1.6.
Using the <literal>LoopPrevention</literal> option here
overrides any basic setting of this option. See section
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