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Version is radsecproxy-1.4.3-dev.

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......@@ -92,3 +92,4 @@
- Don't disable OpenSSL session caching for 0.9.8p and newer in
the 0.9.x track.
- Detect OpenSSL version at runtime rather than at compile time.
2011-07-03 1.4.3-dev
This is radsecproxy 1.4.2 from November 23 2010.
This is unreleased radsecproxy 1.4.3-dev.
radsecproxy is a generic RADIUS proxy that supports both UDP and TLS
(RadSec) RADIUS transports. There is also experimental support for
......@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
m4_if(m4_defn([AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION]), [2.65],,
[m4_warning([this file was generated for autoconf 2.65.
m4_if(m4_defn([AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION]), [2.67],,
[m4_warning([this file was generated for autoconf 2.67.
You have another version of autoconf. It may work, but is not guaranteed to.
If you have problems, you may need to regenerate the build system entirely.
To do so, use the procedure documented by the package, typically `autoreconf'.])])
This diff is collapsed.
AC_INIT(radsecproxy, 1.4.2,
AC_INIT(radsecproxy, 1.4.3-dev,
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