Commit f41042e6 authored by Linus Nordberg's avatar Linus Nordberg
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Fix two error printouts.

parent 6bf4f886
......@@ -2758,7 +2758,7 @@ int confclient_cb(struct gconffile **cf, void *arg, char *block, char *opt, char
if (!addhostport(&conf->hostports, conf->hostsrc, conf->pdef->portdefault, 1) ||
!resolvehostports(conf->hostports, conf->pdef->socktype))
debugx(1, DBG_ERR, "resolve failed, exiting");
debugx(1, DBG_ERR, "%s: resolve failed, exiting", __func__);
if (!conf->secret) {
if (!conf->pdef->secretdefault)
......@@ -2820,7 +2820,7 @@ int compileserverconfig(struct clsrvconf *conf, const char *block) {
if (!conf->dynamiclookupcommand && !resolvehostports(conf->hostports, conf->pdef->socktype)) {
debug(DBG_ERR, "resolve failed, exiting");
debug(DBG_ERR, "%s: resolve failed", __func__);
return 0;
return 1;
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