Commit 1586b6fd authored by Gurvinder Singh's avatar Gurvinder Singh
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reading all the netflow files and updated schema

parent 09a2842b
......@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ conf.setAppName("SQL test").set("spark.executor.memory", "12g").set("spark.mesos
sc = SparkContext(conf=conf)
sqlCtx = SQLContext(sc)
lines = sc.textFile("hdfs://daas/daas_flows/trd-gw-2014-05-03.csv")
lines = sc.textFile("hdfs://daas/daas_flows/trd-gw-2014-05-*.csv")
#lines = sc.textFile("hdfs://daas/spark/test")
parts = l: l.split(","))
#records = p: {"text": p[0], "val": int(p[1]), "val1": int(p[2])})
records = p: {"date": str(p[0]), "srcip": str(p[3]), "dstip": str(p[4]), "dstport": str(p[6])})
records = p: {"stime": str(p[0]), "endtime": str(p[1]), "srcip": str(p[3]), "dstip": str(p[4]), "srcport": str(p[5]), "dstport": str(p[6])})
recordsTable = sqlCtx.inferSchema(records)
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