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Commit d1526a17 authored by Gurvinder Singh's avatar Gurvinder Singh

added correct values for fields according to new schema

parent 6d49c0f7
......@@ -472,9 +472,9 @@ void SipGetQuery(char *query, char *timestamp, int interval, char *direction)
snprintf(query, DEFAULT_QUERY_SIZE, "select id,start,src_username,dst_username,duration,"
"category,accountcode,direction from %s.%s where end >= '%s'"
" and end < DATE_ADD('%s', INTERVAL %d MINUTE) and calltype in (%s)"
" and accountcode='%s' and direct='%s'", dbname, table, timestamp,
timestamp,interval, calltype,accountcode,direction);
" and end < DATE_ADD('%s', INTERVAL %d MINUTE) and category in (%s)"
" and accountcode='%s' and direction='%s'",dbname,table,timestamp,
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