Commit 5625a4b5 authored by Olav Kvittem's avatar Olav Kvittem
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syntax bug

parent 63601db8
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ if ( $doc->{error} ){
printf "%-8s %-25s %-25s %s\n", "Time", "From", "To", "Path";
foreach $r( @{ $doc->{hits}{hits} } ){
my $src= $r->{_source};
my $time= `date -d $src->{timestamp} +%T`;
my $time= `date -d \@$src->{timestamp} +%T`;
printf "%-8s %-25s %-25s %s\n", $time, $src->{from}, $src->{to}, $src->{path};
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