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looking for max_hop in mp-names.list

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......@@ -21,11 +21,12 @@ die $usage if !$index;
open LIST, "<$list" || die "Could not open $list : $!\n";
next if /\s*#/; # comment
($name, $uid, $dns, $ip, $port, $crude_port)=split;
($name, $uid, $dns, $ip, $port, $crude_port, $ssh_port, $max_hop)=split;
$crude_port{$name}=$crude_port if $crude_port;
$max_hop{$name}= $max_hop || $max_hops_default;
if ($target && ! $port{$target} ){
$port{$target} = $default_port;
......@@ -112,7 +113,7 @@ foreach $name ( keys %port){
printf $start "index=%s\n", $index ;
my $crude_port= $crude_port{$name} || $port{$name} || $default_port;
printf $start "crude_port=%s\n", $crude_port;
printf $start "max_hops=%s\n", $max_hops;
printf $start "max_hops=%s\n", $max_hop{$name};
# printf $start "%s", $startcfg;
close $start;
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