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......@@ -5,9 +5,19 @@ Perfsonar should take care of basic configuration and setup of measurements and
Microdep could run as a separate webside outside Perfsonar and would take gap data and config data from the MA. The map needs historic configuration of the polling setup to present the correct map back in time. A new process to dump and transform Lookup Service(LS) data could be necessary.
In the figure yellow is Microdep parts and blue is Perfsonar parts.
Other performance data in Perfsonar should also be available to the Microdep analyst(NOC), so some of kind of integration using web-links should be provided. On the microdep side there is protoype code for the MA browser and tracetree. The present topolgy DB can be reused, whereas the topology crawler would be a new piece of code. The present webmap interfaces to json-data from ElasticSearch, and should be adapted to the PS JSON API.
The gap analysis has a PS MA module already, but should be restructured to be more maintainable.
![system architecture](ps-arch.svg)
In the figure yellow is Microdep parts and blue is Perfsonar parts.
## Role summary
1. We reduce the streaming owamp data at the receiving MP and push summaries to an MA (Esmond/ElasticSearch).
2. Have a web-site with the map and a traceroute broser that queries the MA for data and polling config.
## The topology database
The database keeps track of the nodes in the system and the polling relations extent in time so that you may draw a map for the toplogy for a particular time period.
![Topology database](config-db.svg)
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