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Sipp is a tool for systematic generation of SIP-calls, and is used to
generate automated calls to intrumented echo points or UA's to measure
availability, call setup time and audio streaming quality.
We have developed a test scenario for Sipp (sipp-client-media.xml)
that sets up a call to an echo service. It transmits a prerecorded
sound clip and captures the returning RTP traffic with tcpdump. We
also made responder.xml on the receiver side that transmits a recorded
sound back.
Qstream analyzes RTP streams to measure the quality, like lost packets, resequencing and jitter as well as MOS (ITU Mean Opinion Score).
Tests are being run a configurable number of successive calls each about 8 seconds every n minutes. The results are put into Stager for aggregation and reports (Or on the top Stager page - in the header select report setup = qstream, then for report type select SIP, then create report).
We have patched Sipp to support systematic repeated calls (auto_media_port) and storing the logs(-trace_dir).
Minor scripts developed are
sipp-test(shell script) to run the tests.
sipp-print(perl) - to print sipp .csv -files nicely
sipp-bb - analyze logs and report status to Xymon(BB)
getData.php - to take qstream reports to Stager(stager/bin/)
qstream-sipp - shell to report results from tests - input to stager
/etc/sipshaman :
README . - listing echo services to call
sipp-test.cfon - cron entry for /etc/cron.d
tcpdump-vent - script for running tcpdump to catch rtp-streams(setuid root)
sipp - the sipp program - probably don't need setuid root
Installation :
cat > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/uninett.list <<EOF
# For pakker kompilert av UNINETT
deb squeeze main
apt-get install sipshaman
edit, register-name.txt as needed
edit sipshaman.cron and install
# sipshaman call probing config
# format: server;service;out-proxy;type-of-number;testname;no.calls
# type-of-number - iPBX, MGW, .. for Xymon;+4773411481;;iPBX;;1;+4721523969;;iPBX;;1
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