Commit 956a1d78 authored by Jørn Åne de Jong's avatar Jørn Åne de Jong

First commit

FROM debian:wheezy
MAINTAINER Jørn Åne de Jong <>
RUN useradd build
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends devscripts fakeroot build-essential debhelper
COPY app /home/build/app
RUN chown build -R /home/build
USER build
WORKDIR /home/build
RUN cd app && yes | debuild -d -us -uc
CMD tar c *.deb
Debian build container
Put a debian source tree in `app` and run `./`.
A new directory `deb` will be created.
if [ ! -d app ]
echo 'Put the debian source tree in the "app" directory' >&2
exit 1
docker build -t deb-build .
mkdir -p deb
docker run --rm deb-build | tar x -C deb
ls deb
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