Commit 433948a7 authored by Jørn Åne's avatar Jørn Åne
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Add .inputrc

parent 52429c14
......@@ -3,18 +3,20 @@ prefix=~
install: dotfiles
install -m 0644 dot.tcshrc $(prefix)/.tcshrc
install -m 0644 dot.bash_profile $(prefix)/.bash_profile
install -m 0644 dot.bashrc $(prefix)/.bashrc
install -m 0644 dot.inputrc $(prefix)/.inputrc
install -m 0644 dot.tcshrc $(prefix)/.tcshrc
install -m 0644 dot.vimrc $(prefix)/.vimrc
install -m 0644 dot.zshenv $(prefix)/.zshenv
mkdir -p $(prefix)/.config/fish
install -m 0644 dot.config/fish/ $(prefix)/.config/fish/
diff dot.tcshrc $(prefix)/.tcshrc || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.bash_profile $(prefix)/.bash_profile || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.bashrc $(prefix)/.bashrc || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.inputrc $(prefix)/.inputrc || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.tcshrc $(prefix)/.tcshrc || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.vimrc $(prefix)/.vimrc || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.zshenv $(prefix)/.zshenv || true 2>/dev/null
diff dot.config/fish/ $(prefix)/.config/fish/ || true $(prefix)/.config/fish/ 2>/dev/null
# completion
set completion-ignore-case on
# do not bell on tab-completion
set bell-style none
set meta-flag on
set input-meta on
set convert-meta off
set output-meta on
# Completed names which are symbolic links to
# directories have a slash appended.
set mark-symlinked-directories on
$if mode=emacs
# for linux console and RH/Debian xterm
"\e[1~": beginning-of-line
"\e[4~": end-of-line
"\e[5~": beginning-of-history
"\e[6~": end-of-history
"\e[3~": delete-char
"\e[2~": quoted-insert
"\e[5C": forward-word
"\e[5D": backward-word
"\e[1;5C": forward-word
"\e[1;5D": backward-word
# for rxvt
"\e[8~": end-of-line
# for non RH/Debian xterm, can't hurt for RH/DEbian xterm
"\eOH": beginning-of-line
"\eOF": end-of-line
# for freebsd console
"\e[H": beginning-of-line
"\e[F": end-of-line
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