Commit 72539aa4 authored by Jørn Åne's avatar Jørn Åne Committed by Jørn Åne
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Add preliminary fish config.

parent 0521f069
......@@ -7,3 +7,4 @@ install: dotfiles
install -m 0644 bash_profile $(prefix)/.bash_profile
install -m 0644 bashrc $(prefix)/.bashrc
install -m 0644 zshenv $(prefix)/.zshenv
install -m 0644 config/fish/ $(prefix)/.config/fish/
function fish_prompt
set_color normal
set_color --bold
echo -ns "$USER"
set_color normal
echo -ns '@' (hostname -f) ':'
set_color --bold --background blue white
echo -ns (pwd)
set_color normal
echo -ns "> "
set fish_color_param normal
set fish_color_error normal
set fish_color_command normal\x1e\x2d\x2dbold
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