Commit 15a8b218 authored by Jordan Sissel's avatar Jordan Sissel

Make debug builds possible

parent bc829421
......@@ -87,27 +87,27 @@ build/include/insist.h: | build/include
build/include/zmq.h build/lib/libzmq.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building zeromq"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zeromq/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zeromq/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/msgpack.h build/lib/libmsgpack.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building msgpack"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/msgpack/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/msgpack/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/jemalloc/jemalloc.h build/lib/libjemalloc.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building jemalloc"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/jemalloc/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/jemalloc/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/lz4.h build/lib/liblz4.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building lz4"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/lz4/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/lz4/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/zlib.h build/lib/libz.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building lz4"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zlib/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zlib/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/openssl/ssl.h build/lib/libssl.$(LIBEXT) build/lib/libcrypto.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building openssl"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/openssl install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/openssl install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
mkdir $@
......@@ -10,9 +10,14 @@ include ../Makefile.ext
default: configure
ifeq ($(DEBUG),1)
#configure: #configure-autoconf
configure: | $(WORKDIR)
(cd $(WORKDIR); ./config no-zlib no-krb5 enable-tlsext enable-camellia enable-mdc2 shared threads --prefix=$(PREFIX) --openssldir=$(PREFIX)/etc/ssl)
(cd $(WORKDIR); ./config no-zlib no-krb5 enable-tlsext enable-camellia enable-mdc2 shared threads --prefix=$(PREFIX) --openssldir=$(PREFIX)/etc/ssl $(CONFIGFLAGS))
ifeq ($(UNAME),Darwin)
# Use --disable-dependency-tracking otherwise llvm/clang crashes
......@@ -28,5 +33,6 @@ $(WORKDIR)/src/.libs/libopenssl.$(LIBEXT): configure
install: build
@# make 'all' and 'install_sw' because 'make install' installs the docs,
@#which I don't want.
$(MAKE) -C $(WORKDIR) all install_sw
#$(MAKE) -C $(WORKDIR) all install_sw
$(MAKE) -C $(WORKDIR) install
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