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More protocol notes

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* ordered
* scalable (load balance, etc)
* needs to be easy to integrate into logstash
* needs to be easy to code into logstash and other projects
## Prior Art in network protocols
* TCP, SCTP, WebSockets, HTTP, TLS, SSH
* WebSockets are fail, because almost no load loadbalancers support HTTP Upgrade.
* SCTP is fail, because most folks don't understand how to firewall it and it's
not supported on (any?) cloud stuff.
* HTTP is request/response with high overhead.
* TLS is a good framework to sit on to get encryption and authentication.
* SSH v2 channels are pretty neat. Also solves encryption + authentication.
## Questions:
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* Messaging: Length-known messages sent over an encrypted TLS channel. Messages
have a sequence id.
* Serialization: versioned, minimal+documented map-like string:string serialization.
* Authentication: ssl certs.
* Authentication: ssl certs
* Encryption: tls
* Compression: gzip (most common)
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