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A tool to collect logs locally in preparation for processing elsewhere!
Problem: logstash jar releases are too fat for constrained systems.
Problem: logstash jar releases are too fat for constrained systems. Until we can comfortably promise logstash executing with less resource usage...
Solution: lumberjack
## Configuring
lumberjack is configured with a json file you specify with thei -config flag:
`lumberjack -config yourstuff.json`
Here's a sample, with comments in-line to describe the settings. Please please
please keep in mind that comments are technically invalid in JSON, so you can't
include them in your config.:
# The network section covers network configuration :)
"network": {
# A list of downstream servers listening for our messages.
# lumberjack will pick one at random and only switch if
# the selected one appears to be dead or unresponsive
"servers": [ "localhost:5043" ],
# The path to your client ssl certificate (optional)
"ssl certificate": "./lumberjack.crt",
# The path to your client ssl key (optional)
"ssl key": "./lumberjack.key",
# The path to your trusted ssl CA file. This is used
# to authenticate your downstream server.
"ssl ca": "./lumberjack_ca.crt"
# The list of files configurations
"files": [
# An array of hashes. Each hash tells what paths to watch and
# what fields to annotate on events from those paths.
"paths": [
# single paths are fine
# globs are fine too, they will be periodically evaluated
# to see if any new files match the wildcard.
# A dictionary of fields to annotate on each event.
"fields": { "type": "syslog" }
}, {
# A path of "-" means stdin.
"paths": [ "-" ],
"fields": { "type": "stdin" }
}, {
"paths": [
"fields": { "type: "apache" }
### Goals
* Minimize resource usage where possible (CPU, memory, network).
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