Commit 7333abab authored by Jordan Sissel's avatar Jordan Sissel

- build keygen as well

parent 300d248e
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ LDFLAGS+=-Lbuild/lib -Wl,-rpath,'$$ORIGIN/../lib'
default: build-all
build-all: build/bin/lumberjack build/bin/
build-all: build/bin/keygen
include Makefile.ext
......@@ -41,7 +42,7 @@ rpm deb: | build-all
--exclude '*.a' --exclude 'lib/pkgconfig/zlib.pc' -C build \
--description "a log shipping tool" \
--url "" \
bin/lumberjack bin/ lib
bin/keygen bin/lumberjack bin/ lib
# Vendor'd dependencies
# If VENDOR contains 'zeromq' download and build it.
......@@ -52,34 +53,39 @@ src/ | build/lib/libzmq.$(LIBEXT)
endif # zeromq
ifeq ($(filter libsodium,$(VENDOR)),libsodium)
bin/lumberjack: | build/bin build/lib/libsodium.$(LIBEXT)
bin/keygen: | build/bin build/lib/libsodium.$(LIBEXT)
endif # libsodium
build/bin/ | build/bin
install -m 755 $^ $@
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/bin bin/lumberjack
build/bin/lumberjack: bin/lumberjack | build/bin
cp bin/lumberjack build/bin/lumberjack
build/bin/keygen: bin/keygen | build/bin
cp bin/keygen build/bin/keygen
bin/lumberjack: pkg/linux_amd64/
bin/lumberjack: src/*/*.go
go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' lumberjack
bin/keygen: src/*/*.go
go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' keygen
# gozmq
go get -d
#rm src/*.go
pkg/linux_amd64/ src/
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$$PWD/build/lib/pkgconfig \
go install -tags zmq_3_x
go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' lumberjack
build/include/zmq.h build/lib/libzmq.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building zeromq"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zeromq/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/sodium.h build/lib/libsodium.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building libsodium"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/libsodium/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
mkdir $@
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