Commit 928cdf97 authored by Jordan Sissel's avatar Jordan Sissel
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Let 'go install' figure out when to rebuild

parent 206e03ed
...@@ -66,11 +66,14 @@ build/bin/keygen: bin/keygen | build/bin ...@@ -66,11 +66,14 @@ build/bin/keygen: bin/keygen | build/bin
cp bin/keygen build/bin/keygen cp bin/keygen build/bin/keygen
bin/lumberjack: pkg/linux_amd64/ bin/lumberjack: pkg/linux_amd64/
bin/lumberjack: src/*/*.go bin/lumberjack:
go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' lumberjack go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' lumberjack
bin/keygen: src/*/*.go bin/keygen:
go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' keygen go install -ldflags '-r $$ORIGIN/../lib' keygen
# Mark these phony; 'go install' takes care of knowing how and when to rebuild.
.PHONY: bin/keygen bin/lumberjack
# gozmq # gozmq
src/ src/
go get -d go get -d
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