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Add future/alternative protocol notes

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......@@ -62,3 +62,22 @@ Below is valid as of 2012/09/19
* all dependencies are built at compile-time (openssl, jemalloc, etc)
* 'make deb' (or make rpm) will package everything into a single deb (or rpm)
* bin/ makes sure the dependencies are found
## future
I would love to not have a custom protocol, but nothing I've found implements
what I need, which is: encrypted, trusted, compressed, latency-resilient, and
reliable transport of events.
* redis development refuses to accept encryption support, would likely reject
compression as well.
* zeromq lacks authentication, encryption, and compression.
* thrift also lacks authentication, encryption, and compression, and also is an
RPC framework, not a streaming system.
* websockets don't do authentication or compression, but support encrypted
channels with SSL. Websockets also require XORing the entire payload of all
messages - wasted energy.
* SPDY is still changing too frequently and is also RPC. Streaming requires
custom framing.
* HTTP is RPC and very high over head for small events (uncompressable headers,
etc). Streaming requires custom framing.
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