Commit bdef0418 authored by Gurvinder Singh's avatar Gurvinder Singh

decreased timeout value and default flush message limit

parent df0cf932
# By default, all dependencies (zeromq, etc) will be downloaded and installed
# locally. You can change this if you are deploying your own.
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
"servers": [ "localhost:5000","localhost1:5000" ],
"ssl ca": "/etc/ssl/certs/logrouter_uninett.pem",
"timeout": 30
"timeout": 10
"comment": "Here you specify the log file you want to monitor",
"comment": "and ship them to log cluster to process",
DAEMON_ARGS="-config /etc/logstashforwarder/config.json -spool-size 500 -log-to-syslog"
DAEMON_ARGS="-config /etc/logstashforwarder/config.json -spool-size 250 -log-to-syslog"
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