Commit d1d33683 authored by Jordan Sissel's avatar Jordan Sissel

- fix rpath settings to work in clang and gcc

- add msgpack
parent f5f8ac13
......@@ -40,7 +40,10 @@ build/include/insist.h: | build/include
curl -s -o $@
build/include/zeromq.h build/lib/libzmq.$(LIBEXT): | build
$(MAKE) -C vendor/zeromq/ PREFIX=$$PWD/build
$(MAKE) -C vendor/zeromq/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
build/include/msgpack.h build/lib/libmsgpack.$(LIBEXT): | build
$(MAKE) -C vendor/msgpack/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build
mkdir $@
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