Commit f99e7c52 authored by Jordan Sissel's avatar Jordan Sissel

Fix typo

parent e12a5458
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ build/include/lz4.h build/lib/liblz4.$(LIBEXT): | build
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/lz4/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/zlib.h build/lib/libz.$(LIBEXT): | build
@echo " => Building lz4"
@echo " => Building zlib"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zlib/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/openssl/ssl.h build/lib/libssl.$(LIBEXT) build/lib/libcrypto.$(LIBEXT): | build
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