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# Contributing to lumberjack
All contributions are welcome: ideas, patches, documentation, bug reports,
complaints, etc!
Programming is not a required skill, and there are many ways to help out!
It is more important to us that you are able to contribute.
That said, some basic guidelines, which you are free to ignore :)
## Want to learn?
Want to lurk about and see what others are doing with logstash and lumberjack?
* The irc channel (#logstash on is a good place for this
* The [mailing list]( is also
great for learning from others.
## Got Questions?
Have a problem or a question?
* You can email the [mailing list](
* alternately, you are welcome to join the IRC channel #logstash on and ask for help there!
## Have an Idea or Feature Request?
* File a ticket on [jira](, or email the
[mailing list](, or email
me personally ( if that is more comfortable.
## Something Not Working? Found a Bug?
If you think you found a bug, it probably is a bug.
* File it on [jira](
* or the [mailing list](
# Contributing Documentation and Code Changes
If you have a bugfix or new feature that you would like to contribute to
logstash, and you think it will take more than a few minutes to produce the fix
(ie; write code), it is worth discussing the change with the logstash users and
developers first! You can reach us via
[jira](, the [mailing
list](, or via IRC (#logstash on
freenode irc)
## Contribution Steps
1. Test your changes! Run the test suite ('make test')
2. Please make sure you have signed our [Contributor License
Agreement]( We are not
asking you to assign copyright to us, but to give us the right to distribute
your code without restriction. We ask this of all contributors in order to
assure our users of the origin and continuing existence of the code. You
only need to sign the CLA once.
3. Send a pull request! Push your changes to your fork of the repository and
[submit a pull
request]( In the pull
request, describe what your changes do and mention any open issues related
to the pull request.
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