Commit fbce6be3 authored by Jordan Sissel's avatar Jordan Sissel

- purge old stuff

parent 07d5505b
make -C ../ build/lib/ build/lib/
make -C ../ build/include/sodium/sodium.h build/include/zmq.h
export CGO_CFLAGS=-I$PWD/../build/include
export CGO_LDFLAGS=-L$PWD/../build/lib
go get
#go install
#go install sodium
echo "Building lumberjack"
go install -ldflags '-r $ORIGIN/../lib' lumberjack
echo "Building keygen"
go install -ldflags '-r $ORIGIN/../lib' keygen
require "ffi-rzmq"
require "zlib"
require "msgpack"
c =
s = c.socket(ZMQ::REP)
msg = ""
start =
count = 0
loop do
rc = s.recv_string(msg)
#p msg
original = Zlib::Inflate.inflate(msg)
events = MessagePack.unpack(original)
count += events.count
p events
#if count > 100000
#puts count / ( - start)
#count = 0
#start =
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