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script for making list of iperf-nodes with https

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......@@ -20,6 +20,16 @@ You might need the iperf3 from esnet :
git clone
./configure ; make ; make install
You need a basic list of measurement points - create the file mp_list.json
You need a list of systems with https :
S er det stilene, disse kan man legge de inn nr man installerer debian-pakken :
git clone /usr/share/mp-web/
# Licence
This software is free for non-commercial use.
Contact for other uses.
use JSON::PP;
$t .=$_;
foreach $mp(@$json){
printf "%s\n", $$mp{navn};
# get list om measurement beacons
# to be run i n the directory where the data is
perl $1 | xargs nmap -sT -p 80,443,5001 > mp_list_nmap.log
perl -json mp_list_nmap.log >
if test -s ; then
mv mp_list_iperf.json
# make a json list of mp's with htts
echo This is not a script - just a list of commands for manual execution
exit 0
# get mp-cmd from mp-rude
git clone
# create a text list of mp's from the mp_list.json
perl mp_list.json > mp_list.txt
# check if mp's have certificate and list them in case
mp-rude/tools/mp-cmd mp-list.txt 'ls -l /etc/ssl/private/*no.pem' > $tmp
perl -ane 'printf "$1\n" if /\/([^\/]+).pem$/' $tmp | sed -e 's/^/{"navn":"/' -e 's/$/"},/' -e '1s/^/[/' -e '$s/,/]/' > mp_list_iperf.json
rm $tmp
# warning mp-list.txt belongs to
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